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The Gaming Merchant


Battle Pass Rewards

Current Battle Pass Level:


If you are signed in, please click/tap on the battle pass reward to unlock it.

Some items have rules/restrictions.

Level 3, 12, 17: 1-time merch discounts are available at and available for entire orders. Discounts aren't stackable.

level 6: Unlocking the reward will give you the chance to submit a social link on Twitter or Instagram.

level 7: Poll override allows you to override any poll during live streams. For example, if chat votes for a specific item or giveaway, you can override the poll. One-time use.

Level 8: This item can be used at any time during my live streams. I must abide by the challenge the wheel picks for the next game. One-time use.

Level 9: I will include your YouTube username on-screen in a future video in the outro.

Level 10: At any time during my stream, you can request to 1v1 me.

Level 13: I will choose the legend and use that for an upcoming video on the channel.

Level 14, 20, 22: Games will be during pre-planned days during streams. Contact info is available after unlocking to organize.

Level 16: I will send you a custom video message. I can say hello, wish you a birthday, or say anything you'd like, as long as it's family friendly. I have the right to refuse your request, In that case you can ask for something else for me to say.

Level 18: I will change my Steam name to anything you'd like. Use it as an opportunity to advertise yourself during a 3 hour stream! Family friendly please.

Level 19: You can choose the cosmetics for 5 legend or weapons for me to use for an entire stream. I cannot guarantee I can find these weapons but I will play those legends.

Level 23: I cannot guarantee I can get you a damage badge, but I will try my best to help you, and hopefully you'll have a good time whilst we try!

Level 24: You can submit your own design for an emote, and it will be added as an emote on my channel. You must own all rights to the images used.