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Uncategorized - June 29, 2022

Update Log

Hello! This space will be used to post updates about the battle pass. You can also write comments below to ask for help and give feedback.

July 7 2022:

  • New Challenges Added
  • Just 11 Days Left Until The Battle Pass Ends!

Any Rewards You Earn Will Remain On Your Account. However, after the 11 days is up, the current battle pass rewards page will be replaced with the new battle pass. Stay tuned for more updates!

June 29 2022:

  • Battle Pass Weekly Challenges Added (Week 3)
  • Final Level 24 Reward (custom emote) has been limited to first 25 members.

For more details on this, there is a limit to YouTube emotes. Right now I have 28 slots unlocked. I never expected the battle pass to be this popular so I did not expect I would need to place a limit! There is a good chance less than 25 members will reach level 24, but in the case it happens, those who reach level 24 after the first 25 members will receive an extra gameplay chip instead. Really sorry for this! And in the future I’ll be careful to make sure something like this doesn’t happen again.